Avideh's recent interview with MOCA Toronto

Avideh Saadatpajouh is a design activist who critiques and questions our basic human needs and ism schemes. She explores how technology can assist us to connect more with deep concepts and philosophies that surrounded us.


As art helps us explore, relate to one another, and make sense of our world, Avideh uses art as a medium to experiment with her ideas and analyze their level of responsiveness. She explores the intersection of art, technology and the future of design in the digital age. She examines how advances in technology influence and inspire all aspects of creating, presenting and being.


Drawing on her collective knowledge of new-media art, architecture, industrial design and creative code practices, she explores design in digital spaces, internet art practices and interactive digital installations.


Born in Iran, studied and worked in Cyprus and Canada, researched in San Francisco and voluntarily facilitated a sensorial workshop for Syrian refugees at the border of Turkey, all were assets for her to develop high empathy and understand the world through multiple lenses. 

Currently she is living and practicing her design methodologies in Toronto, CA. 

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