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Avideh's recent visual diaries on instagram

Avideh Saadatpajouh is a multimedia designer who explores the endless possibilities of real-time systematized art and creation as an interdisciplinary and imaginative asset in a creative industry. 

Her moto: Explore, Experience, Enhance

She uses technology and art to connect people to spaces in intimate and valuable ways by designing human-centric spatial experiences using physical computing and creative thinking. Born in Iran, studied and worked in Cyprus and Canada, researched in San Francisco and voluntarily facilitated a workshop for Syrian refugees at the border of Turkey, made her a multidisciplinary human being with different valuable skills. Currently, she is an instructor at CCSA teaching New-Media art to kids/teens ages 7-16.


Her design aspirations always arise from human needs and emerging new technologies related to them. Being involved in several design processes, has enabled her to understand the interconnectivity of various disciplines such as theatre production, immersive exhibition, Interactive content developments, cultural event organizations, architectural design in relation to human experiences.

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